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Dr. Bhargavi Reddy Hospital


Dr. Bhargavi Reddy Women and Children Hospital was founded in 1999 November by Dr. Bhargavi Reddy & Dr. Shekhar Reddy. 15 bedded Hospital One of the best Women & Children care in Bangalore. Dr. Bhargavi Women & Children Hospital has spanned its wings in the realms of Gynacologist; Paediatrics; General Physician and General Surgeon; & Dermotology; Cosmetic; Internal Medicine; GI Surgery, etc.

We understand the sensitivity in seeking treatment for one of the complexities of women's health. Our women's health services include gynaecology, early pregnancy, sexual health, breast care and complementary therapies supported by appropriate diagnostic health screening. A comprehensive range of minor conditions are treated on an outpatient basis within our consulting suites, whilst surgery is offered in our newly refurbished theatres with inpatient recovery in the comfortable, gynaecology ward.

Treatment women's health is one of the most rapidly advancing technological areas of medicine. In keeping with this, much of the treatment offered utilises minimally invasive techniques, which often result in a shorter inpatient stay and recovery period.We have state of art operation theater & separate delivery room & separate post-operate recovery room & clean and tidy rooms with G. E. & Phillips. Imported machinery.